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Makeover your image at work by giving your professional clothing a boost.


“As a result of this new outward look, my confidence has soared and I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone in all areas of my life. I took a new management role at work and have more than doubled my total compensation-all in 3 short years!”

Financial Services, early-forties, mother of two


Professional Clothing for Rising Professionals
Let Real Life Style help you craft a selection of Power Outfits and never again waste your energy stressing out about your professional clothing. Learn how to find your best clothes for work and create crisp, attractive outfits that project confidence.

Our image consultants will show you how to look both authoritative and approachable while still reflecting your personal style.

Every wardrobe makeover follow Real Life Style’s 5 phase process:



Phase 1.

The Appraisal

Start out with a free consultation from one of Real Life Style’s DC fashion experts to discuss your professional clothing needs, what it’s like to work with a fashion consultant, and your customized cost and time estimate to overcome your style hurdles.

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Phase 2.

The Wardrobe Makeover

Transform your closet into a collection of career clothes that reflect your personal style. Real Life Style works with you to evaluate, edit, and organize each item in your wardrobe. You’ll get a fresh perspective from your dedicated personal stylist and a clean closet.

The wardrobe makeover will also provide you with a Personalized Style Report that includes:

  • A future-purchase wish list
  • Store recommendations
  • Your own fashion formula—the cuts, styles and colors which look best on you—enabling you to take your wardrobe to the next level.

Phase 3.

Personal Shopping

Whether you hate shopping or make expensive mistakes, a personal shopper can make your life easier. Real Life Style’s image consultants will make sure you find the pieces to fill out your professional wardrobe.

Meet us in your favorite store, shop online, or sit back as we bring a rack of individually selected professional clothing to your home. Real Life Style leverages its relationships with clothing designers, store managers and personal shoppers to your benefit.

Phase 4.

Shop your Closet

Never say, “I don’t know what to wear” again. Move beyond your stable of old standby looks and find new power outfits for every professional situation.

With your taste and career in mind, Real Life Style documents your outfits in a personal look book (accessible on your phone and tablet), so that you have a go-to reference guide for the optimal combinations of clothes and accessories that work for your personal style.

Your image consultant will mix and match your items, increasing the number of outfits at your fingertips, so you can get dressed, stress free, in five minutes flat every day.

Phase 5.

Complete Your Professional Clothing Evolution

Refine your wardrobe as new styles hit the stores. You’ll benefit from our DC stylists’ fall and spring style guides that walk you through how to apply the season’s trends to your real life.

Learn how adding a few select items can keep your professional clothing looking current and fresh without starting from scratch.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of fashion, travel and shopping tips through the Real Life Style weekly newsletter subscription so that you can look, shop and feel your best all year long.

Not sure which look for an important meeting or presentation? Real Life Style is only an email away and is happy to provide complementary guidance for their clients.

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