Personal Styling Services

Give your wardrobe a makeover and your style a lift with personal styling services


Are you a mom or a professional with no time for yourself?

Are you desperate for a fresh perspective on your personal style but don’t know where to begin?

Do you find shopping overwhelming?

If you need to pull a complete wardrobe together fast, you can trust the style consultants at Real Life Style to get the job done and hold your hand through the process. We can give you a closet makeover with the least amount of time and stress. Our personalized fashion guidance will help you learn what to buy, how much to spend, and how to create outfits with your new and existing clothing.

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Professional Clothing for Rising Professionals

Are you a rising professional trying to take your career to the next level or live up to that big promotion?

Professional Clothing

Let our professional DC stylists take you by the hand to create a wardrobe of professional clothing to show you’re serious about your career.

This wardrobe consultation will take your personal style up a notch, without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Learn more about a wardrobe consultation that will help you find the best work clothes for your personal style.



I am a rising professional!

Personal Clothing for Busy Moms

Are you an active mom who wants to look and feel put-together every day?

Personal Clothing

If panic sets in every morning when you approach your closet, then our personal styling services are for you!

Whether you’ve gained or lost weight, or simply have no time to take care of yourself, you can still feel confident in your clothing.

A wardrobe makeover will help you find the best clothes for your body type and teach you to dress for every occasion. You will learn what to keep and what to toss as we create a new personal style you are proud of.



I am an active mom!

Career Clothes for Any Location

Are you a relocating professional who needs to put together a wardrobe for a new location?

Career Clothes for Any Location

You may be confident in DC fashion, but if you are moving to a new location you want to have the wardrobe for that climate and culture.

RLS has experience creating wardrobes for both employees of the foreign service and private industry. Our clients have been stationed all over the world, from Bangkok to Kabul.

Whether your new location is foreign or domestic, we can help you find the best work wardrobe that will allow you to fit in and still feel like yourself.

I am a relocating professional!


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