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Can changing your wardrobe really change your life? Of course it can! Imagine how light and powerful you would feel if 100% of the clothes in your closet were the right clothes for you right now. Imagine that your wardrobe reflected both your personality and your personal style, while suiting your lifestyle.

Want to be able to look and feel put together in just 2 minutes a day? You can. Learn more about Real Life Style Personal Stylists, Personal Shopping, Retail Consulting and Style Talks. Schedule your free consultation now. And remember, fashion should be an outlet for fun, not frustration!

Recent Entries

February 8, 2016 |

We ♥ Hearts

You can be stylish this week in a heart print, with or without a Valentine. Keep scrolling down for a few little girl options too! Happy Valentine’s Week! . Alice and Olivia Carey Embellished Heart-Print Sweater, $368 . . Oasis High Neck Heart Skater Dress, $60 . . Christopher Kane Heart-Lace Mini Skirt, $2,095 . . Diane Von Furstenberg Val Short-Sleeve Arrow Cotton Heart Tee, $98 . . Christian Louboutin Doracora Patent Heart Red Solo Pump, $795 . . P.J. Salvage Black Heart Cozy Sweater, $82 . . Anna Coroneo Hearts Printed Chiffon Scarf, Rouge, $235 . . Ivan Heart-Print Silk Cap Sleeve Blouse, $79.99 . . Kate Spade New York Gramercy Hearts Dial...

February 5, 2016 |

Closet for Rent

You know that feeling of burnout that you get by February from having worn the same winter wardrobe since October? Or that fleeting thrill you get from shopping that’s gone as soon as the item hits your closet? Rent the Runway thinks they have found the solution to our modern day shopping woes. Applying the same model as Rocksbox uses with jewelry and Freshneck uses with men’s accessories, Rent the Runway Unlimited charges a monthly fee of $139 and in exchange you choose 3 pieces of clothing to rent for as long as you please. Just like Netflix. Brands such as Theory, Equipment, Joie, and DVF are all available for rental. If you fall...

February 4, 2016 |

Why Don’t You Try…Wearing Sequins for Day?

“Sequins for day” is a phrase a fashion stylist throws around with barely-contained excitement, while a regular person just looks at them with a look of utter confusion. Yes, you can, and should, wear sequins for day. It has been a trend on the runway for a while, and has been slowly gaining ground on the street. Like a lot of trends, you probably don’t need to go shopping for this one. Here’s your checklist: ☐ Green army jacket ☐ Sparkly earring you usually wear for night ☐ Sequin tank you usually wear for night ☐ Leather trouser or jean ☐ Metallic flats Have fun, try something new, and shop your closet! Marissa Webb Iona Military Jacket, $500 Belstaff...

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